Learn about what we do

We started in 2017 as a study group. From that beginning, we have our "reading and discussion meetings”, which are open to the community. To find out more about the performance and history of our group click here.

In 2020, we expanded our activities and started doing research. At the moment, we have a line of research on "The pandemic and its impacts on women’s post-graduate Professors in International Relations". We wrote a small article to Outras Palavras discussing our preliminary reflections on this issue. It can be read in our publications section. Soon we will release new articles. 

In addition, we promote an annual seminar, “MaRIas’s Seminar”, in which we bring together researchers from Brazil and Latin America to present and debate our research. Read more about our first seminar in "MaRIas’s Seminar”.

We would like to invite you to read more about the group, and find out who we are, our group's mission and values, our other texts, like interviews and reviews and our events by exploring our website. We would love to talk to you, please get in touch with us. You can subscribe to our mailing (only available in Portuguese), to learn more about our events and our partners in the future.

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